Children's & Family Yoga Overview


Playful Down-Time

Our kids are often times overscheduled and overworked. At SoulShine, we believe in offering playful down-time where kids can just be kids! Ms. Lisa understands that kids learn best through play, and she knows how amazing down-time can be for our children's well-being. Whether we are walking our down dog or getting energy out through donkey kicks, kids are sure to enjoy the playful types of movement throughout each class.


Yoga for Kids!

Calming & Centering

In a world of technology, gadgets, and instant gratification, kids could use a lesson or two in calming the mind and finding their focus. As students learn to come to the yoga mat for peaceful quiet time, they begin to find calm in their lives off of the mat as well. Ms. Lisa will teach mindful meditation techniques ("Imagine you are walking through a garden full of beautiful butterflies...") while the children learn to sit with eyes closed and focus on the beauty and peace of the experience. This is truly a gift for all!



Respect sometimes seems to be a lost art in our ever-changing world. But at SoulShine, we focus heavily on the importance of treating others, as well as ourselves, with respect. Through each class, students will learn songs, sayings, and ways to show respect to all living things in our world. We believe that once students find respect and peace within themselves, they can start sharing it with those around them.

Family Yoga

In our family yoga classes, adults and kids practice side-by-side, to experience the benefits of yoga TOGETHER! We will be offering a family yoga class at least once per month (possibly more), to bring parents (grandparents, aunts, uncles) and kids together in a meaningful and playful manner. It's a great way to connect with the special kid(s) in your life! Check our schedule and/or our Facebook Events page for upcoming classes!